Why Brands Should be Using TikTok in 2021

By: Ashley Deloughery 2 minute read
  • June 15, 2023

Why Brands Should be Using TikTok in 2021

TikTok is the newest viral social media platform taking the world by storm, with over 1 billion users. The platform allows users to create up to sixty second videos. Due to its wildly fast growth, and its surging popularity, brands are grasping the opportunity for valuable marketing within the app. So, why should your business be on TikTok in 2021?

As of June 25, 2020, TikTok has launched its new advertising feature; TikTok For Business. 

What is TikTok For Business?

TikTok For Business allows brands to set up a TikTok Business Account where they are able to build brand presence, and grow their business through a variety of tools offered by the new feature. 

What Can You do With a Business Account?

This feature includes real-time metrics on content performance that facilitate decision making while supported by data. The application authorizes insights into your follower base and makes it easy to understand who they are. Additionally, it allows businesses to authentically engage their audiences by enabling interactive polls and hashtags.  By including additional information about your business and contact information by permitting the use of links in bio options, businesses have the capability of driving traffic to their website, Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. 

Video marketing is the new hot marketing tool and is not going anywhere anytime soon. TikTok is a great way to expand the reach of your video content. There is a place for everyone on TikTok. The videos are easy to make which makes it so that brands do not need huge marketing teams to generate impactful video content that will resonate with their audience, all you need is the app and the creativity to try something new. 

User-Generated Content 

What makes TikTok stand out amongst other social media platforms is that it is the biggest source of user-generated content as it drives content organically. However, brands such as Calvin Klein are killing it on TikTok by using high quality content similar to their Instagram, showing that TikTok is not only for user-generated content.


from 🔝 hangout spots, to her recording studio, patricia manfield shows us her day ##unlocked in ##mycalvins 🔓follow along on our youtube channel ##fyp

♬ original sound - CALVIN KLEIN


Some statistics:

  1. Over 1,000 Major Brands are Already Using TikTok Business Accounts 
  2. More than 200,000 Average Content Views Per Post by Active Brands
  3. 9% Average Engagement Rate for Posts by Active Brands  
  4. Most Popular Overall App Download Globally in 2020 


TikTok has not even reached its full marketing potential and has been predicted to be a major player in the social media platform market, don’t be late to the trend! Need some inspiration? Here are some brands that are maximizing their Business Accounts’ potential. 

    1. Space X

SpaceX is a space exploration technologies corporation that is working on the next generation of powerful, fully reusable launch vehicles capable of carrying humans to destinations in the solar system. SpaceX’s TikTok uses mind-blowing videos of their launch vehicles while partaking in TikTok’s popular soundtracks, and trends.

             2. Redbull


bet you didn't think a snowmobile could clear that #redbull #givesyouwiiings #snowmobile #portside #sheesh

♬ Sheeeshhh - King Julio

With an impressive 5.5 million followers Redbull has amassed 87.2 million likes on TikTok. Their undeniably engaging videos make for high-quality content that aligns perfectly with their famous slogan “Redbull Gives You Wings”. Their hashtag #GivesYouWings that features famous athletes and scroll-stopping stunts has more than 700 million views.

Your turn.


There is an abundance of choice in terms of what type of video to create to promote your business - getting it right can be the difference between a successful video and one that misses the mark.